Security Policy

Tokio Marine Life Malaysia Bhd. is strongly committed to high standard of security and confidentiality of your personal or private information through our website. For this purpose, we have put in place on our website commercially proven security and privacy protection control systems designed to ensure that you can use our online financial services securely and with full confidence.

Our website secure network infrastructure includes the following components:-

  • User IDs and password
  • SSL
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Anti-Virus or Virus Protection

User IDs and password

To prevent unauthorized access to our website, every registered user is required to key in your username and password, which are the access key to your account. To ensure the integrity of your username and password, you are advised to play a part in this system security as well. Please take note and do the following:

  • Do not share your username and password with any other person.
  • Do not display your username and password in an area visible to others.
  • Do not choose a password that others can easily guess. Memorize your password and do not write it down.
  • You are advised to change your password frequently or every 90 days.
  • Do not leave your Computer unattended or screen saver with password protected should be activated after 5 minutes or less.
  • First login will force change the password in order to access the system.
  • Clear cache after each session.
  • Your password should treat it high confidentiality. We will not call you or send mail to ask you change the password.

Although we exercise every effort to provide a variety of safe, secure and reliable system, we do not have control over the computer, computer software, systems and other incidentals used by you to access our system and further transmission over the Internet cannot be guarantee, warranted or represented to be absolutely secure.



We use industry standard 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) communication protocol for securing data communication between your browser and our systems. It is used for ensuring transaction privacy, message integrity and server-side authentication using digital certificate technology. All passwords are encrypted end-to-end from the browser to our systems.



All access to our systems must pass through router and firewalls to gain connectivity to the server. The firewall checks for the appropriate source address, and are able to restrict the traffic to the appropriate server.


Intrusion Detection System

Tokio Marine Life entire network is monitored and policed for intrusion attempts 24x7.



Computer viruses are real and once your computer is infected it can cost you time, loss of information, repair expense, and aggravation. Make sure your computer has an anti-virus protection program installed to reduce the risk.

We recommend that you purchase a program that automatically upgrades your virus protection on a recurring basis. If you currently have an anti-virus program on your computer without the automatic upgrade feature, make sure you update your virus detection program at least weekly and/or when you hear of a new virus to minimize your risk. You can do this by visiting the Internet site of the company that provides your software.

Other security measures:-

  • Download security updates regularly.
  • Do not open suspicious e-mail attachments.
  • Do not open diskettes unless you are absolutely certain that you can trust the source.

Internet Privacy Policy Statement

Information is important for us to provide our best service to our customers. Therefore, keeping customer information safe and secure is the top priority for all of us at Tokio Marine Life. You as a registered user of our portal shall undertake to keep confidential, maintain the privacy and security of information of our customers contained in this portal. You shall not share the customer’s personal data with any unauthorised parties without our customers’ written consent.

You shall use personal information in ways that are compatible with the purposes for which you originally requested it. For example, you will use the information to process customer’s requests and transactions, to provide customer with additional information about products and services, or to evaluate the customer’s financial needs.

To serve the customer better, we may combine information you give us on the Web or through other channels. We also use aggregated information about the use of our services

You shall not do any act that may harm the security of the personal or private information in this portal.

You must not breach the privacy policy. Any such breaches may subject you to disciplinary action.

You will protect the confidentiality of any personal information you share with us. We shall have the right to disclose your information when is required under any law or regulation to co-operate with regulators, law enforcement authorities, or any authorities having jurisdiction over us.

You will not use or share internally or externally personally identifiable medical information for any purpose other than the underwriting or administering of a customer’s policy, claim or account, or as disclosed to the customer when the information is collected, or to which the customer consents.